Collaborating with OneBonsai, our highly selective start-up incubator recently hosted the groundbreaking Health Innovation Afternoons event. This engaging gathering brought together experts to explore the progress and challenges of XR (Extended Reality) technology in the healthcare sector. The event featured dynamic panel discussions, insightful presentations, and compelling start-up pitches, showcasing the diverse applications of this cutting-edge technology. Attendees gained valuable insights from top healthcare professionals while witnessing the groundbreaking work of innovative start-ups in the digital health field.

At our specialized start-up incubator, we are driven by results and focused on digital health. With a team of experienced professionals boasting over 15 years of combined experience in e-health, we go beyond regional and national boundaries to provide the support and expertise that start-ups in this sector require. Through our extensive network, we connect these start-ups with healthcare professionals, promising start-ups, and established corporates in the healthcare industry and beyond. This strategic approach propels start-ups forward, enabling them to make a significant impact in the field of health technology.

The Health Innovation Afternoons event serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and inspiration. By bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and innovative start-ups, we foster collaboration and push the boundaries of what XR technology can achieve in healthcare. Stay informed and join us for our next Health Innovation Afternoon, where we continue to explore and understand the innovative trends that will shape the future of your industry and organization.