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Health Innovation Events

Health Innovation Afternoons is a groundbreaking service that brings together healthcare professionals, researchers, and industry leaders to explore and discuss innovative solutions in the healthcare industry. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, research advancements, and emerging trends, this event offers a unique platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Through a series of thought-provoking presentations, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, participants gain valuable insights and inspiration to drive positive change in the healthcare sector.

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Incubator: Empowering Healthtech Startups

We support startups throughout their entire journey, offering expertise in fundraising, investor connections, and growth strategy.

To be most useful, we thoroughly vet them from clinical, technical and commercial perspective.

We provide adaptable roadmap templates tailored to each company’s needs. We swiftly connect startups with vetted specialists experienced in health-tech. Meanwhile, we track progress against the plan, allowing founders to focus on business development. 

Corporates & Investors

We specialize in guiding corporates and investors in the healthcare industry to foster innovation and create partnerships. With our extensive network and expertise, we help navigate the complex healthcare landscape, identify opportunities, and facilitate impactful collaborations.

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Consulting for Healthcare Providers

Our healthcare providers service helps institutions navigate the digital health landscape. We provide comprehensive guidance and support to inform decision-making and optimize patient care..