We are delighted to showcase a remarkable case study that highlights the successful acquisition of yoboo, a digital health start-up focused on health prevention through pharmacies, acquired by Colruyt Group. With the support of EHV, the yoboo team accomplished a significant milestone, achieving a successful exit.

The acquisition of yoboo by Colruyt Group underscores the potential and innovation within the digital health sector, emphasizing the value that strategic partnerships can bring. yoboo’s core mission of health prevention through pharmacies aligns perfectly with Colruyt Group’s commitment to providing accessible and quality healthcare solutions to its customers. Through this acquisition, Colruyt Group aims to strengthen its position in the digital health space and expand its offerings to include innovative preventive healthcare solutions.

Combining the expertise and experience of the yoboo team with Colruyt Group’s established presence in the healthcare industry creates a powerful synergy. Together, they will drive the development and implementation of cutting-edge health technologies, further enhancing the healthcare landscape. This acquisition demonstrates the shared commitment of both companies to delivering impactful solutions and improving the well-being of consumers.

We are proud and thrilled to announce that Colruyt Group has acquired a significant stake in yoboo, an EHV portfolio company. This acquisition involved the buyout of smaller investors, including ourselves. Congratulations to Olivier Kleynjans and the entire yoboo team for this achievement!

We would also like to acknowledge the dedicated EHV team members who worked intensively with yoboo on product and commercial development: Jason Pettiaux, William Declerck M.D., Jonathan Javaux, Yassine Chenik, and Yann BUYDENS.

If you are a young digital health company, we invite you to reach out to us. Our team of experts can provide valuable support in financing, commercialization, product development, and clinical development. Join us as we continue to drive innovation and make a positive impact in the digital health landscape.